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How to become a spokeperson

If you are a Keeogo™ user and you are motivated to help others regain their autonomy, you could probably become a Keeogo™ Spokesperson.

A good Spokesperson:

  • Shares the mission and the vision of B-Temia
  • Identifies with Keeogo™ and believes in its potential
  • Is dedicated and passionate about opportunities to promote Keeogo™
  • Demonstrates diplomacy and credibility, and has a strong reputation among peers or  the public
  • Is comfortable in speaking in public and in making contacts with people
  • Shares his experience in social media
  • May participate in public and media communications and events
  • As the case may be, can establish new contacts for the development of Keeogo™ and B-Temia

If you recognize yourself in this profile and you are interested in becoming a Keeogo™ Spokesperson, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will study all applications with great care. You will then be contacted by a member of our team about the typical spokesperson profile that would suit you and possible arrangements according to your abilities and aspirations.

Thank you for your interest and trust,
The B-Temia team

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