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Keeogo™, a Powered Walking Assistance Device

Keeogo™ is a powered walking assistance device that helps you to walk and maintain your independence.

At any given time, Keeogo™ reads your body position and movements, in order to interpret your intentions and help you along the way. It’s like a friend who gives you a supportive push just at the right time.

Keeogo™ does not initiate any movement but waits for your lead. Once you make the first move, it assists you according to the activity. For example, it will help push you up when you lean to stand up or it will slowly support you when you are sitting down.

As you walk at your own pace, Keeogo™ will assist your steps in four different ways, according to the phase of your stride.

  • When your heel hits the ground, it will resist the movement in order to support the weight at the joints of your legs.
  • When you propel forward, it will push you along your own movement.
  • When your foot leaves the ground, it will pull or fold your knee to make your leg lighter.
  • When you swing your foot forward, it will help in the movement to elongate your stride.

Keeogo™ Fits Your Needs

Keeogo™ adapts to your pace as well as the terrain, whether you are walking on flat ground, up a hill or a set of stairs.
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