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How to become an authorized partner ?

B-TEMIA is always looking for additional authorized partners to sell and service Keeogo™. To get started just fill your application here

How long will it take me to put Keeogo™ on?

The very first time you are fitted with Keeogo™ there will be two steps: a mechanical adjustment and the software programming.  The mechanical adjustment includes adjusting the frame, contact areas and belt to your body height and weight to ensure comfort and in-sync movement between your body and the device.  The software programming includes adjusting the assistance levels and parameters to your personal needs i.e. more strength for your weaker side.  This first time fitting can take 30 minutes.

Once at home, you can expect to require approximately 5 minutes to put it on  Keeogo™.


Do I wear Keeogo™ under or over my clothing?

Keeogo™’s streamlined design is intended to be worn over clothing.

Is it possible to use Keeogo™ for one leg?

Yes, it is possible to use Keeogo™ for a unilateral mobility issue.  However, Keeogo™ is designed to assist the individual’s complete locomotor system and is worn on both legs.  By supplying power and stability to both legs, Keeogo™ reduces pathological walking patterns and gives the user the leg power required to keep on going throughout the day.

Can I drive a car while wearing Keeogo™?

Yes, it is possible to get in and out of a car while wearing Keeogo™ however the power must be turned  off completely while driving.

Is Keeogo™covered by my insurance plan?

Keeogo™ is a new mobility assistive device and more education is required to create awareness amongst private and public health insurers.   Coverage will vary from one carrier to the next on a case-by-case basis.  However, to start the reimbursement conversation, you will need to provide a prescription and proof of medical condition.  B-TEMIA and our partners would like to help you with this. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-866-443-1010.

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