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Dermoskeletics, the science behind Keeogo™ 

B-TEMIA’s product portfolio incorporates the Company’s proprietary Dermoskeleton™  technology, which is the result of an emerging science we call “Dermoskeletics”. Dermoskeletics studies the interaction between the human body and its environment while assisted with a skin-type motorized mechanism.

Considered as a pure human-machine interface, the Dermoskeleton™ eliminates musculoskeletal stress on the body structure by injecting biomechanical energy at the joints, and providing mechanical assistance to the users for the restoration, maintenance or augmentation of their biomechanical functions.

Powered Motion

Using high-end sensors and advanced artificial intelligence proprietary software, the Dermoskeleton™ senses the user’s mobility intentions and generates synchronized movements at the motorized knees. The robotic system does not move for the user – instead, it senses the intended movement and provides the right level of assistance in perfect symbiosis with the body motion.

Acting as a secondary artificial musculo-skeletal structure surrounding the body, the Dermoskeleton™ can protect the wearer against extreme activities, and prevent acute or chronic musculo-skeletal injuries while increasing strength, endurance and stability.

Keeogo™ is intended for medical purposes

Keeogo™ is intended for medical purposes to assist ambulation of individuals with certain types of mobility issues such as difficulty walking a certain distance, climbing stairs, carrying an object for a short distance or standing in line for a long period of time.
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