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The b-Klinic Mobility: to help you get the most of your Keeogo™!

With its certified kinesiologists and applied engineers, the b-Klinic Mobility now offers an array of services to educate, train and support end users and healthcare providers in their use of the Keeogo™ device, so they can take full advantage of its capacities.

Clinical Evaluations

Our kinesiologists meet with you to evaluate if Keeogo™ can be beneficial to your medical condition. They assess your current gait and how Keeogo™ might help you regain your autonomy.

Fitting Sessions for Home Users

Optimal adjustment of Keeogo™ to your gait pattern, and muscular strength.

Training Sessions for Home Users

Full training session to become autonomous in using Keeogo™ in your daily activities: how to put in on, how to use it best, how to care of your device.

Education and Information for Clinicians

  • Information about Keeogo™ and related topics
  • In-service presentations
Training Session for Clinics and Resellers

  • How to identify patients who could benefit from Keeogo™
  • How to configure the software to adjust Keeogo™ optimally to a user’s gait and muscular strength
Clinical and Customer Support

No matter what your question or your need is, our clinicians and customer service representatives are there to help you get the most of your Keeogo™ device.

Request a clinical evaluation today!

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