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It’s when you are able to move
that the real value of autonomy hits home.
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Regaining the Freedom to Walk

Do more with Keeogo™

Keeogo™ is a powered walking assistance device developed by B-TEMIA Inc. Worn on the lower body, it provides you with the leg power you need to keep on going throughout your day.

Regain your autonomy!

Start a new experience today! Contact us to find out about our Trial Program and how Keeogo™ can help you regain your autonomy.

NEW: b-Klinic Mobility

Our business is more than just selling Keeogo™. It is about ensuring that the device is well fitted to your mobility needs, and you can take full advantage of it.

NEW: Financing for your Keeogo™

Keeogo™ is now eligible for the non-refundable medical expense tax credit in Quebec.

Keeogo™ is intended for medical purposes

Keeogo™ is intended for medical purposes to assist ambulation of individuals with certain types of mobility issues such as difficulty walking more than a few steps, climbing stairs, carrying an object for a short distance or standing in line for a long period of time.

In clinical studies, Keeogo™ has shown:

  • Increased walking capacity
  • Reduced pain
  • Improved balance and stability
  • Improved walking gait

For you, this means improved quality of life:

  • More active in your daily life
  • Freedom of movements (hands-free device)
  • Improved accessibility everywhere you go
  • Ability to remain actively at work
  • Possibility to prolong onset of wheelchair use
  • Overall greater autonomy

Ready to regain your autonomy?

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